How To Use The Most Recent Innovations In Your Business With Google Apps Services

We're pleased to work in partnership with Google to provide you with the features you require for both your desktop and mobile productivity.

Want to Utilize Google Apps Platform to the fullest?

In terms of workplace productivity software, Google is at the forefront. Google releases new, cutting-edge functionality for each component of the system every year.

G-Suite is now used by more than five million businesses worldwide. This is because G-Suite was designed with mobile devices in mind, allowing you to access contacts, files, calendars, emails, spreadsheets, documents, and more from any internet-connected device.

The following are three of G-greatest Suite's benefits:

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It may be controlled from a main console.

It is protected.

It can be examined for HIPAA and FERPA compliance.

It is constantly updated.

It is dependable with an uptime of 99.9999%.

Google Apps has affordable prices.

For around $50/user/year, your company can have a secure, constantly updated, compliant office productivity and collaboration platform.

How Can Kentucky Computer Support Support Your Google Apps Needs?

Because of their addiction to all things Microsoft, many IT support firms advise their clients to adopt Microsoft Office 365, while Kentucky Computer Support chooses a different path. We thoroughly assess a client's demands for office efficiency and ensure that they have access to the platform that best meets their workflow requirements. Google Apps is frequently the solution.

Your emails, data, and files are moved by us.

We configured your email.

We offer training so that your staff can make use of Google Apps-only features.

By adding and removing users and user rights, we assist you in managing your Google App subscription.

How do you seamlessly transition from Microsoft to Google Apps?

Business-critical email, calendar, and contact data must be transferred to G Suite for organizations switching from Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps. Office 365 documents such text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, as well as video and audio files, must also be moved.

Both Google and Microsoft offer automatic solutions to move from one platform to the other, but you still need to set up your destination office suit, assign the required user permissions, and check that everything is configured correctly. An automated migration solution might be effective for moving a single account, but moving all of a small business's data typically takes skilled IT knowledge.

How to Get Ready for the Office 365 to Google Apps Switch

Once your small or medium-sized firm has made the decision to switch to G Suite, you must inform every member of your staff about the transition. There might be some service interruptions for you and your staff, so everyone on your team needs to be comfortable with Google Apps now.

While IT professionals like Kentucky Computer Support can easily transfer your company's data from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps, a few minor problems could still exist after the transfer because users may first feel uneasy using the new platform. Therefore, make sure that all problems are reported right away so that they may be fixed.

What Information Do I Need to Switch to Google Apps?

Analyze your digital possessions to determine precisely what needs to be transferred to your new Google Apps account. Business users typically migrate the majority of their Office 365-stored Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations. Additionally, PDF files, audio and video files, and several other files made with different business tools would need to be moved by the typical business user.

However, Google's Data Migration Service does not transport anything saved in your One Drive account; it only moves email, calendar items, and files from Microsoft Exchange. You should manually transfer these files to a worker's individual Google Drive or to a group Google Team Drive.

The process is challenging because you must grant the appropriate access privileges for each of these Google Drives and ensure that not a single file from your Microsoft One Drive is left behind.

Can I use Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange features in Google Apps?

The transfer of files, emails, and calendars from Office 365 to G Suite is just the beginning of a successful conversion. To be as productive as they were with the previous system, your staff must become comfortable with Google Apps. Fortunately, Google Apps gives you the option to use some Microsoft Exchange features.

With G Suite Sync for Microsoft, you can use Outlook to make shared contacts and calendars and access G Suite email, calendars, and contacts from a Microsoft Outlook client. In contrast to Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps does not enable public folders; nevertheless, you can form groups that share a mailbox or share folders.

To benefit from a successful migration from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps, you must configure your new Google Apps accounts in line with a complete user and access rights policy and construct the appropriate personal, shared, and global folders and drives.